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TulipsGreetings and welcome to '57 Design Studio!  I hope you enjoy your visit.  Navigation around the departments is over there on your left.

Hope you find something you like.  I believe you will find the prices of my handcrafted jewelry to be very ... well ... very affordable.  I see the prices other designers are charging and I don't want to take anything away from them, they are making beautiful things, but I think my things are beautiful too! 

I'm using the same sort of components, semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver, 14k gold-fill, genuine Swarovski crystals, yada, etc, et al.  I just don't feel like charging you a whole lot.  Hope you don't mind.

You know, some of my friends counsel me to raise my prices ... perceived value in the mind of the consumer and other psychological stuff from Marketing 101.  But I truly believe there are plenty of smart women out there who will look at my pieces, know they are looking at quality and will appreciate that I am not trying to get a bigger chunk of their hard-earned money.  Y'all don't need that.  Gas isn't cheap anymore.


TulipsWhile I usually make pieces to go together, I do not insist that they be sold as sets, so earrings, necklaces and/or bracelets designed to complement each other are shown on different pages.  If you like to have everything match but do not see an appropriate choice, let me know and I will either direct you to the right item, or design a new piece for your approval.

Many pieces, especially bracelets, are custom-fitted for the person who will be wearing the item.  Most customization can be done at no additional cost.

ID Lanyards are pieces of jewelry designed for attachment to the ID badges that are becoming more and more a required accessory for the working woman.  My lanyards have a large trigger clip to attach to the badge.


TulipsIf you see something you want, click on the How to Buy link.  Buying from me isn't like your other web-based commerce experience ... I hope you find the personal touch more enjoyable.  I know I do! 

If you have any questions, drop me a line.  (And let me know if you catch any typos!)


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